International Tax Law Services

IRS Offshore & Domestic Voluntary Disclosure

We help Taxpayers across the globe with U.S. & Offshore Tax Compliance and reporting assets, accounts & investments.

Reasonable Cause & Penalty Abatement

Non-Willful Taxpayers who are out of reporting compliance or have already been issued an Offshore Penalty may qualify for Reasonable Cause to avoid or abate penalties.

Streamlined Procedures & Delinquency Procedures

We represent non-willful Taxpayers with alternatives to the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program. Reduced Penalties and Penalty Waivers may be available.

International Tax and Offshore Compliance Investigations

Sometimes the IRS comes knocking. These type of introductions usually come in the form of two Special Agents conducting a quasi-criminal investigation. There are on the rise.

Foreign Gift Reporting & Foreign Trust Penalties

When a person receives a gift from a foreign individual, corporation or trust, they may have a Foreign Gift and/or Trust Reporting Requirements.

International Tax Treaty Analysis and Form 8833

Depending on the taxability of various types of income, a person may be subject to U.S. tax. If the person wants to dispute the tax, they may take a tax treaty position on IRS Form 8833.

Foreign Pension Plan Reporting & Penalties

There are many U.S. persons who have worked in a foreign country and may have one or more foreign pensions. Sometimes these pension may be taxable and reportable in the U.S.

General Offshore & International Tax Questions

Sometimes a person has an international or offshore problem (or many) that do not fit neatly into a single category. Reach out to us and let us know your offshore & international tax problems