Contents1 Taxpayer Indicted for Streamlined Offshore Tax Fraud2 Criminal Prosecution for Willful Streamlined Disclosure3 Businessman Indicted […]
Contents1 IRS Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures2 Use a Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist3 Fees for […]
Contents1 Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures 2 Purpose of the IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures3 Who is Eligible […]
Contents1 IRS Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures (SDOP)2 Eligibility for Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures3 How to Submit […]
Contents1 New IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program & OVDP Updated2 2020 IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program3 No IRS […]
Contents1 IRS Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures (SFOP)2 Eligibility for Streamlined Foreign Offshore3 How to Submit to […]
Contents1 Flat-Fee Streamlined Filing Lawyers2 Low Up-Front Hourly Fee Bait-and-Switch for Streamlined Cases3 Benefits of Flat-Fee […]
Contents1 Reasonable Cause for Offshore Penalties FBAR & FATCA2 FBAR & FATCA Penalties3 Reasonable Cause or […]
Contents1 FBAR (Reporting Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts)2 Important FBAR Facts to Know 3 Golding & Golding: […]
Contents1 Exploring International Reporting Penalties 2 What are Assessable International Reporting Penalties?3 7 common International Reporting Form […]
Contents1 Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion and Negligence2 Tax Fraud3 Tax Evasion4 Negligence5 Our International Tax Lawyers […]
Contents1 What is FBAR Reporting?2 When is FBAR Reporting Due?3 What is Reported on the FBAR?4 […]
Contents1 Offshore Asset Tax Filing Requirements2 Offshore Asset Tax Filing Requirements3 Reporting Requirements for Offshore Assets4 […]
Contents1 IRS Statute of Limitations 2 26 USC 6501 (IRS Statute of Limitations) 3  26 USC 6501 (b)(1) […]
Contents1 Overview of Form 3520-A Foreign Trust Filing2 What is a Grantor vs Non-Grantor Trust for […]
Contents1 Can FBAR Penalties Survive Death?2 Basis for why FBAR Penalties May Survive Death3 Taxpayer Passed […]
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